Hopi Three Canyon Ranch, LLC

In 1997 The Hopi Tribe purchased five working cattle ranches in Northern Arizona.  Hopi Three Canyon Ranch is the ranches' "umbrella" name. The three canyons, for where the ranches' name comes from, are Clear Creek Canyon which borders the Aja Ranch, Jacks Canyon which split the East and West Clear Creek and Diablo Canyon, which is between the Clear Creek and the Hart Ranch.

None of the five ranches are large enough to be economically run as an enterprise in itself. Therefore, each ranch plays a role in a comprehensive management, breeding and marketing program of Hopi Three Canyon Ranches. Each ranch has its own conservation plan adopted by the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Over the years and currently, we have engaged in many different range improvement practices to help enhance and protect the resources through cost sharing agreements with the NRCS, State and Federal land agencies and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Each ranch has its own unit manager along with unit foreman and equipment to run it. As many places in the west, Northern Arizona has been in a long period of drought. We are far behind the rated carrying capacities on all of our ranches. While we may never see our full allotted numbers we are finally in a position to grow our herds and still have sustainability through hard times.