Hopi Certified Beef

The HCB Program is an opportunity for Hopi stockmen, raising cattle on the Hopi Reservation, to participate in and take advantage of, the Hopi Three Canyon Ranches' production practices and strong marketing position when selling their calf crop.
By following the “Standard Operating Procedures” of the HCB (outlined below), Hopi stockmen can be eligible to sell their calves right along with the H3CR cattle.  This allows them to increase their value by utilizing the marketing sales power that H3CR has.  H3CR has both a reputation of management production history of quality and performance, and a larger number of calves offered for sale, which helps increase the value of the Hopi stockmen's calves.
Through documenting the “Added Value” processes mandated in the program, along with the Third Party Verification from TechniTrack, of the practices followed in the program, potential buyers have the assurance that these “Hopi Certified Beef” calves will be of the higher quality and in the best possible health and condition at time of delivery.
Every calf that participates in the HCB program has had both its sire and dam (bull and cow) inspected to insure every calf fits into the strict Genotype and Phenotype, (genetic and physical types) required to produce a consistent crop. This consistency of the calf crop which allows the possibility of selling uniform truck loads is yet another added value that increases the price offered by the buyers.
Every bull is inspected for individual quality and must be registered. They must be a beef breed, that produces a calf with desirable characteristics, preferably Angus or other English breed. No dairy or rodeo-type bulls are eligible.
Every cow is also inspected for individual quality. They must be a beef breed that produces a calf with desirable characteristics, preferably Angus or other English breed, but cross breeds of good individual quality will be accepted on a case-to-case basis. No dairy or rodeo-type cows are eligible.
Every producer's records, vaccine purchases, and inventory will be inspected by TechniTrack.

Standard Operating Procedure; Age and Source verification;

  • The date of the first born calf of each producer will be noted in that producer's record.
  • The bull turn out and removal dates will be recorded by each producer in his/her records.
  • Each producer will have his/her individual Premise ID and Tag numbers.
  • Each producer is trained per the USDA guidelines and Beef Quality Assurance standards.
  • Vaccinations, along with what kind and when to administer, will be available to Hopi Stockmen to purchase through the H3CR at the Ranches' cost.

Process and Vaccinations at branding;

  • Alpha 7 (no second booster required until weaning)
  • Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ (no second booster required until weaning)
  • Calves Ear Tagged with both the RIFD tag and owners individual number tag
  • Calves branded with the producers brand
  • All bull calves will be castrated and any horn nubs will be removed

Process and vaccinations at weaning;

  • Alpha 7
  • Pyramid 5 + Presponse SQ
  • Iver-on Pour-on (Internal and External parasite control)
  • Weighed individually and ownership verified and recorded

Any calves that develop any illness will be treated as recommended by our Veterinarian. If they are administered any antibiotic, they will have their original ear tag removed and replaced with a red tag that indicates that antibiotics have been administered. They will then be removed and kept separate from all other animals

Third Party “Age and Source” Verification: TechniTrack LLC
                                                                            5403 South Bell Drive
                                                                            Chandler, AZ 85249
                                                                            Client Support; (602) 769-9820
                                                                            Contact, Greg Hull or John Sparks

Records Required: Age/Calving records needed;
A.  Completed Age Source Verification
B.  Calving dates, first calf/last calf
C.  Breeding Records, Bull in and Bull out dates

Hopi Certified Beef;
Program cows are preferably Angus or other English breed, but cross breeds of good individual quality will be accepted on a case-to-case basis. No dairy or rode-type cows eligible. Brahman, Beef Master and other Exotics are ineligible. Calves will be from 5 to 7 months of age, weigh between 450 and 600 lbs., and be of a consistent frame size and type.
Calves will all be individually weighed, ownership verified and recorded. They will then be picked up and hauled to the H3CR pastures for weaning. After weaning they will be sorted, packaged into truck load lots, and shown to potential buyers. Any calves not being sold in the truckload packages, for any reason, will be taken to a special sale at Marana Stockyards.

This is the program today. We have plans to work with both local feed yards and processing plants to take the “Hopi Certified Beef” program to the next level.  We hope to be able to get packaged “Hopi Certified Beef” into our schools, stores and high end restaurants, as it becomes prudent to do so.
For further information about participating in the “Hopi Certified Beef” Program,
Please Contact;
Pam Lalo (928) 738-5251, H3CR Office (928) 587-8550 or Pat Browning (928) 671-1227