Hopi Youth Ranch Internship

This internship program is designed to educate the recently graduated male Hopi students in the many fields associated with Ranching and Range Management. This provides "on the job training" as well as a summer job for them.

The Hopi Three Canyon Ranches (H3CR) will provide housing and a modest wage for our interns, along with many specially developed clinics and seminars presented with the NRCS, Game and Fish, US Forest Service, University of Arizona Ag Extension Service, Arizona State Land Department, and the Society for Range Management.  There will also be a few other guest speakers giving talks, such as local veterinarians, animal nutritionists and Hopi DNR.

This internship could be considered a summer-long "Ranching, Livestock Handling and Husbandry, Ranch and Forest Management, Game and Wildlife Management Job Fair".  We are also going to allow students still in school, coming Juniors and coming Seniors who are  interested, to make all of the necessary arrangements with their School Guidance Counselors before the end of the school year. These interested students must be accompanied by some of the Guidance Counselors to the forest for the seminars.  Although our Internship is exclusively for Hopi Graduates, we are opening these day clinics/workshops to all students (approved and selected by their school Counselors) who might be interested in one, or more of these vocational endeavors, and considering attending our program when they Graduate.

We will provide horses, tack and all necessary equipment for the Interns to perform their assigned tasks.  They will be staying onsite on our summer forest allotments assisting with the care of H3CR cattle in the beautiful mountains of Northern Arizona. They will be supervised by a H3CR Unit Manager and will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to competently perform the many different and varied ranch duties required, while tending cattle on the summer forest allotment.

Along with being educational, we have designed all aspects of this program to make it truly a "Once in a life time experience" for our interns.  They will be learning a valuable trade, while enjoying the grandeur of the high mountain regions of Arizona and experiencing the authentic "Cowboy Life" first hand. All the while, being paid while they do it!

We are hoping that this program trains and encourages Hopi youth to be good caretakers of the land and the livestock they are charged with. Our program will be exposing them to some of the multitude of wonderful careers available in the Ranching and Range Management Industry, as well as many of the other associated fields.  By bringing these various experts and their presentations to the interns, this program is endeavoring to encourage at least a few of our interns to consider continuing their education toward the pursuit of one of these related vocations!

For further information please contact your school Guidance Counselor or call our Ranch General Manager, Pat Browning at 928-671-1227 or the assistant General Manager Janice Lewis 928-234-8675 or e-mail at CSP@h3cr.com